Dirt Between My Toes

2014-04-09 11.28.56

“Dirt Between My Toes” happens to be the title of my gardening Pinterest board (www.pinterest.com/kekasue) but I am also known to walk through my freshly-tilled garden site every year barefoot just to feel the dirt under my feet.  There are so many reasons to plant a garden.

I garden because…

  • I like the satisfying feeling of making something myself (with mother nature’s help of course)
  • I feel more connected to the Earth and therefore take more steps to clean up my environment, etc
  • Save TONS of money on produce each year
  • Eat non-commercially processed foods year-round (to some extent in our house, but some is better than none), care of canning and freezing techniques
  • Teach my children to respect and appreciate where food comes from…“no it does not come from that un-named chain restaurant we drive past daily and you beg for.  That is NOT real food, but since I am equally as addicted to that crap as you are (guilt)…just a small fry.  All things in moderation, right?”
  • Knowing that my food is not covered in chemicals.  Like I said, we are not perfect in my house but I’ll take all the fresh, full of bright flavor, CHEAP, easy-access food I can get each season.

Every year I have people jealous of my pickings (over 800 tomatoes last year from just 6 plants), but I say to them (and You) anyone can grow a garden.  If you have a small space, grow a container garden.  Grow herbs if that’s all you feel like doing.  Fresh herbs are so expensive and lose their fresh flavors sitting on that grocery store shelf.  Chives are my favorite because they come back year after year on their own – hello FREE!  Get a pot of dirt, toss in some seeds (like 25 cents a pack or less), water it from time to time and watch it grow.  I’ll bet you expand your garden next year after you get hooked.  haha

We’ll talk more about gardening as I get mine set up this year.  I have lots of fun changes I want to try.  Every year is an environmental experiment.  I can’t wait to see what you plant!


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