DIY Sensitive Skin Laundry Soap

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Last November I made a batch of laundry soap inspired by a recipe found on Pinterest ( but edited for my sensitive skin family. There are a million out there, but they start with the same basic ingredients and build from there.  It has worked wonderfully and I need a new batch nine long months later.  They say it lasts a year but with two little mud monsters we do a lot of laundry.  Plus, I have on several occasions washed the same load multiple times because I am easily distracted and forgot that I started laundry until the next day when I go to start laundry…  so in retrospect, maybe it does last a year if you have better follow-through than I do.  Stop pretending you have never done it.  😉  Nevertheless, nine months for $CHEAP is good enough for me!

To make for sensitive skin:

One box of Borax – 3.97

One box of Super Washing Soda – 3.97

Three bars of Fels Naptha – 2.91

Two containers of Oxiclean Free – 15.04

One big container to mix it all in – found an old portable file box for free

Grand Total with tax (minus $1.75 in physical coupon savings from the Oxiclean packaging) was $26.63 and I scanned my receipt into that Walmart “Savings Catcher” app for even more savings, but it takes a few days to process.

UPDATE: Saved $1.06 on the Savings Catcher app.  Sweet!  $25.57 new total

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Grate the Fels Naptha bars, shown here in rough shred.  My husband got home during this step and said “what smells so good in here?” – I love that considering most sensitive skin products have no happy scent at all.  I took the pile in my hands and rubbed them together to further break down the shreds into very small pieces.  Next you literally dump everything together in your big container and stir, stir, stir until well incorporated.

image (9)I then use the Oxiclean container and a 1/8 cup scoop for space saving in my laundry area.  Store the rest in a cool dry place.  I typically do “Super” loads as my washer calls it and I use 1/8 cup for that full load.  Adjust as needed.

Don’t you love how I put instructions on the lid?  I am preparing for the day when one of the three fellas I live with does the laundry….Bah ha ha ha ha!!  I crack myself up.