Teaching A Toddler

When my 3 year old says “Mom, I don’t know” it really means “Mom I need help finding something to play.”  Both of my boys are very smart and no I did not start labeling them “gifted” at birth.  LOL  However, I do play with them a LOT and we use play time as learning time.  Once in a while we will get out these fun folder games.  There are sites online you can use to find printable games and make these at home.  They are easy to make and take up very little storage space so you can have many varieties to keep your little ones entertained and learning at the same time. Here is a website with tons of games to print: http://www.earlylearningactivities.com/howtoffgames.html


A few that we have made, the top one my son brought home from school but it is double-sided with tons of great info on it and it is made with a tri-fold folder.  It is also laminated!  NICE

I am sure you have also seen lots of “baking sheet magnet games” that are a fun idea as well.  I found this great website that has tons of printable games!  I doubt we’ll use them as magnet games since as you can see we seem to be missing a few magnet letters….probably in with the bathtub toys or under the fridge…but we can easily use them as paper matching games.  Do what makes you happy.  (Yes I gave him the scratched up old baking sheet.  We both know he’ll be coloring on it more than sticking things to it)

letter game1


The bottom line is this – YOU are your child’s first teacher.  Sure they will learn tons of great things at school but by the time they get there so much learning time has already come and gone.

What sparked this post was my search for more printables.  My 3 year old can count to 20, do opposites, etc etc but he has NO interest in letters.  Now I have several new games to play with him and hopefully spark an interest in the ABC’s.  😉  stamp treeI got excited about these.  We use Bingo stampers everyday for chore charts and boy are they thrilling to a three year old.  I’ll reel him in with numbers and then switch-a-roo and BOOM…we’re doing letters!  Think it will work?  Let’s all cross our fingers.

Send me links if you have more ideas!!