Sugar & Spice Bag Pattern Review

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Disclaimer: Unsolicited Pattern Review

I had so much fun making this bag from ChrisW Designs “Sugar and Spice” pattern.  The pattern is so easy to follow.  She provides both visual explanation as well as text-only.  I printed the text-only pages with the pattern pieces and used it literally as a check-list as I proceeded through the construction.  It was nice to be able to look at the visual instructions on the computer when I would get stuck which only happened twice and had nothing to do with the pattern instructions.  All me folks.

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What was great about this project is that I learned a few new skills along the way.  I have wanted to learn to place a recessed zipper for a long time (shown above).  I never even considered making a project featuring piping, let alone MAKING the piping first!  I was really nervous because I don’t even own a zipper foot.  Gasp, I know.  I really want to own a zipper foot and if I am going to make more of these bags (yes) I definitely will get one.  My little foot was literally riding on top of the piping the entire time so I could get in close.  Listen, you do what you have to do when you are working the right job with the wrong tools and you are too excited to wait and get a stinkin zipper foot.  That’s just how I roll.

image (2) - CopyThis pattern includes lots of great pockets and she even encourages you to adjust the interior pockets to your liking.  I made three pen pockets, an iPhone pocket, and a couple extras just for….stuff.

The bags I typically make don’t include much hardware outside of the occasional magnet or snap.  I opted out of the rivets but fell in love with the strap rings.  I didn’t want to over-hardware myself on the first try.

All in all, this pattern is SO well written and easy to follow.  The bag is stunning and I am really excited to make another one.  I might square out the bottom because I am not comfortable with sewing on the curves but we will see.  If it ain’t broke….right?  I highly recommend this pattern and am looking forward to trying out another ChrisW Designs purse pattern soon.  Enjoy!!